• Pre-Purchase Residential Inspection

  • We are dedicated to Educating our homebuyers so they can make informed decisions on their new home.

    When you and your family are looking for a home, there should be no unwanted surprises: nothing in unexpected need of repair and no unforeseen expenses. But how can you be sure you won’t be caught off guard? A third-party, pre-sale home inspection gives you an objective assessment of any hidden defects or potential problems. Walker Property Inspections examines your future home’s accessible features (such as roofing, electrical, and heating/air-conditioning) and provides a full report detailing everything from major structural damage to minor cosmetic flaws. We can even help you create a plan for your home’s annual upkeep!

    We are not code inspectors we are safety inspectors!

    At Walker Property Inspection, we take very seriously our job of helping homebuyers make informed decisions. We treat every home like it’s our own, inspecting it as if our own family were about to move in. Your trust means everything to us, and we will work tirelessly to prove that trust is well placed.

    Our basic house inspection includes the following:

    • Structural Components- Foundations, Crawl space & Structure for soundness & evidence of moisture penetration
    • Exterior Components-siding, trim, flashing, stairs, porches, railings, soffit, fascia,              
    • Roofing-Flashings, chimneys, downspouts, vents, and the general structure of the roof system
    • Plumbing-pipes, fixtures, faucets, water heaters and fuel storage systems
    • Electrical-outside entrance wire, panel & visible wiring. Verify all GFI's work properly
    • Heating-equipment, system using normal operating controls, describe the energy source and heating method, and report as in need of repair including all duct work
    • Cooling-inspect the central cooling system using normal operating controls and note if any issues
    • Fireplace-Inspect fireplace for proper damper operation
    • Interior-Inspect a representative number of doors and windows