Walker Property Inspection
Martinsville area inspected home

What We Inspect

Our basic house inspection includes the following:

  • Structural Components- Foundations, Crawl space & Structure for soundness & evidence of moisture penetration
  • Exterior Components-Siding, trim, flashing, stairs, porches, railings, soffit, fascia,             
  • Roofing-Flashings, Chimneys, downspouts, vents, and the general structure of the roof system
  • Plumbing-pipes, fixtures, faucets, water heaters and fuel storage systems
  • Electrical-outside entrance wire, Panel & visible wiring. Verify all GFI's work properly
  • Heating-equipment, system using normal operating controls, describe the energy source and heating method, and report as in need of repair including all duct work
  • Cooling-inspect the central cooling system using normal operating controls and note if any issues
  • Fireplace-inspect the fireplace for and open and close damper, cracks in brick, chimney inspection.
  • Interior-inspect a number of the doors and windows, walls, ceilings, and floors

Additional services (fees) available:

  • Pools and Spa inspection
  • Crawlspace Inspections
  • SF in excess of 4,000 SF
  • Basements
  • Multiple unit inspections
  • Mileage based on location of inspection
  • Termite and pest inspections
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing (CO) (2016)
  • Radon Testing